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Recent Testimonials

Very Knowledgeable tutor in substantive law and exam preparation

If you’re looking for someone to help you with law school exam preparation, Scott is the person to go to. What I found most confusing in law school studying is what to focus on. During our lesson, Scott will clearly articulate complicated black letter law into simple memorable phrases that can be easily applied, and he will clearly write them out on the whiteboard to show you their connections with each other and how they work in the big picture. He will also go over practice exams and logically spell out the way it should be written which really helped me in taking my exam. I wish I had contacted him early on in the semester!

Anne W.

Very helpful and knowledgeable

Scott is able to break down complex legal topics so that they are easy to understand. He also provides examples to clarify the subjects we are discussing. He is great at taking hypotheticals and explaining them and modifying them to show how factual changes can lead to a different outcome. Our lessons are always helpful, and I would highly recommend working with him.

Megan N.

Immediately illuminating

I became acutely aware of the weaknesses in my program’s curriculum after midterms and needed to fill the gap to take my understanding to another level for finals and baby bar. Thanks to Scott, I was immediately able to do that. Lots of glimmering pieces of wisdom to pull everything together into a comprehensive understanding of legal analysis. I’m excited to continue the journey and build my confidence. Looking forward to a future review with more positive results.

Leslie J.

Knowledgeable and patient

He helped me understand my cases and their applications to the law and prepared me for my class. Took his time explaining and did not rush. Very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend. Great tutor.


Well Structured

I found my session on criminal law culpability and homicide crimes to be very structured and helpful. Definitely broke it down in a way that I wasn’t used to seeing in class.


Extremely helpful tutor

Scott was extremely helpful for preparing for finals for contracts and torts. He helped me gain a better understanding of UCC 2-207 and other major concepts in contracts and torts.


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Excellent First Year Law Student Exam Tutor

Scott was pivotal for me passing the CA First Year Law Student Exam (baby bar). I would not have passed the exam without his coaching. I did not do well in 1L and had only 8 weeks to prepare for the Baby Bar. Scott focused on my writing weaknesses. He maximized the limited time I had and prepared me to be in the best position possible to pass the exam. He is meticulous, intuitive, perceptive, and “hand-holding.” Also, his command and recall of the law in live sessions is outstanding.

Michael L.

Passed CA Bar

Scott was an amazing tutor and my success on the exam is a testament to his knowledge and teaching method. I had hired a tutor before Scott and just after the first couple lessons, I knew the tutor was not what I needed to be successful. Luckily, I kept messaging Scott and he was able to add me to his list on short notice. Scott gave me exactly what I was looking for—structure and tips for analyzing essays. He did not have any gimmicks or shortcuts. Scott just told me exactly what the bar graders were looking for and how I needed to structure and organize my answer for success. I cannot thank him enough for helping me develop a schedule and diving deep into each essay that I sent him. I am beyond grateful to have passed the exam and would recommend Scott to anyone who needs a little push to pass. Good luck future bar takers and thank you Scott very much.


Very knowledgeable and nice to work with.

Scott has been helping me with the essay part of the CA Bar Exam, teaching me how to write good essay answers and I can tell you that he is very good at it. He teaches you step by step how to get this done and attacks your weaknesses in a very professional and effective way.


Very informative

In our lesson he did a practice problem from one of my professors and he helped me see what I was doing SO wrong! He’s great at explaining and making sure I understand how he formulated his answer.