About Professor Caron

Scott Caron has been has been both a practicing attorney and law professor for almost 20 years. He founded Virtual Law Tutor to expand his instruction to reach law students across the country.

Professor Caron currently serves on the full-time faculty of St. Mary’s University School of Law, where he teaches bar exam prep, and part-time at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law, where he is an academic coach to 1L students. Professor Caron has also taught at Western State College of Law, where he mentored bar exam candidates, and at Irvine University School of Law, where he was named Professor of the Year in 2008. He has taught a variety of law school courses during his career as a law professor, including Bar Prep, Torts, Contracts, Commercial Transactions, Criminal Law, Community Property, Legal Research, and Legal Writing. He has privately tutored students and bar exam candidates for years, helping them with their understanding of difficult legal principles and their legal analysis skills.

Professor Caron has tutored students to prepare for the California Bar Exam, California’s First Year Law Students Exam, and Uniform Bar Exam in a wide variety of jurisdictions with considerable success. He spent more than a decade as a litigator in the field of constitutional law and civil rights law, and also served as a research attorney in the Los Angeles Superior Court and California Court of Appeal.

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Law school tutoring can help students go a long way in their learning journey. Whether they’re studying business law, criminal justice, tax law, civil procedure lessons, or any other subject, the team at VLT is more than ready to offer the private tutoring students need to ace all their law courses or exams.

Becoming a law school graduate isn’t easy by any means, but with the help of Professor Caron, you can certainly make the process much easier.

Keep reading this FAQ section if you want to learn more about how we can help you with your learning and preparation for law school exams.

What makes Virtual Law Tutor special?

Getting a law degree is difficult, it’s common knowledge. It already takes a lot of work to get to most law schools, and even once you get there, you will face many challenges that will get you sleepless nights.

Moreover, creating the right strategy to study can take a lot of time from you, so organizing yourself without help won’t be easy. Thankfully, by hiring tutors for law students, everyone has a better chance of preparing themselves for any challenges that may come around during their journey.

Moreover, those looking to prepare for a bar exam will appreciate having law school tutoring by their side. Overall, studying for a bar exam online with a coach and mentor will be much better than trying to learn everything yourself.

A coach, for example, will help the law student create virtual flash cards, understand complex legal terms, and study flow charts and video lessons provided by the team at VLT.

The factor that makes VLT an excellent option for studying law is that it offers a wider range of resources for every law student. Regardless of the law tutoring plan you pay for, you will get access to many different features that will aid you in your studying journey.
It doesn’t matter which law school you’re attending at the moment, we will help you get guidance on all subjects you may need help with. Furthermore, if you’re looking for help while studying for your bar exam online, our coach will teach you everything you need to prepare accordingly.

Are these programs appropriate for any law school branch?

Yes! If you’re looking for a bar exam coach online, we’re the best law tutor platform you can get at a reasonable price. On the other hand, if you’re looking to understand a few complex law subjects at school, we can also help, regardless of which one you’re having trouble with.
In essence, we handle any type of law course you can imagine, including criminal law, legal writing, rental property law, tort law, evidence, and more.

Even if you don’t find the help you’re looking for through one of our subscription services, you can hire our law tutor and get a customized approach to your learning experience.

Is getting an online tutor for law students worth it?

Absolutely! Even though finding tutors for law students can sometimes get hard, it’s worth it. We know that not everyone may be the right fit for your studying needs, which is why we have a team ready to tackle any individual need you may have.

Furthermore, our wide library of resources will be perfect to complement your learning experience, whether you hire our tutors or not. The best thing about our tutoring platform is that it’s accessible from wherever you are. Our professionals will give you a new way of studying that complements or fit your current learning style.

VLT’s founder, Scott Caron, has worked hard to make this platform one of the most efficient ones for all law students across the country. Thanks to his experience in a wide range of subjects, you can rest assured that the learning experience you’ll get here will be like no other.

Is Virtual Law Tutor expensive?

One of the primary concerns of most law students is that tutoring is expensive. There’s no way to sugar-coat it: Tutoring really is expensive, and even if you’re able to pay for it, you would have to find someone who fits your learning style and can accommodate your schedule.
Thankfully, you won’t have those issues with VLT. Professor Caron created this platform so that you can also get access to different resources at any moment during the day.

Even if you’re not looking for private tutoring sessions, you may consider our basic plan, which already gives you access to all the resources you may need to ace your next law class.

You don’t need to carry binders, notebooks, or huge books to start studying with our perfect law tutor. All you need is a device with an internet connection and the will to learn! Now, you will be able to study anywhere, anytime.

Keep in mind it’s not necessary to go for the most expensive tutoring package to get the knowledge you need for law school. Make sure to evaluate all our services and choose the one that most accommodates your goals and budget. Then, if you find our services helpful, you can move on to another plan to make the most out of your tutoring sessions.

Why should you trust Professor Scott Caron with your learning needs?

There are many attorneys and law professors out there, so why would you choose the platform Professor Caron offers? A quick read to our “About Us” section will give you plenty of information to answer that question.

Professor Caron has been studying law for almost 20 years, and he has also taught in a few schools, helping students understand the law quickly and prepare for their bar exam and/or baby bar exam.

Nothing can beat experience, so you can rest assured that all of the resources offered at the VLT platform are of the highest quality and will help you with any class you may be having trouble with.

Can you get help for your law school exam with VLT?

Yes! One of the best things about the VLT platform is that it can help you prepare for your bar exam through its different resources. Moreover, if you need personalized help to prepare for your exam, you can purchase one of our tutoring packages or get a personalized, one-on-one, tutoring session to iron out every detail.