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    Learning in any school of law can easily get overwhelming for most law school students, especially during their first/second year. On the other hand, those looking to learn as much as possible to prepare for their law school exam may not often find all the resources they need in their law schools.

    Thankfully, the resources offered by the team at Virtual Law Tutor aim to help every law student get the help they need to learn and prepare for what they need through practice exams/essays, flashcards, and many more features.

    The first step to getting help to become a practicing attorney is to sign up for our website. Then, you can choose one of our plans for law school tutoring, and then you can get started!

    Keep reading if you want to know more about our tutoring services and how we can help those studying for any law subject or their bar exam.

    How much time will law students take to sign up for this platform?

    You won’t take more than a few minutes to sign up for our platform and start learning with the help of our resources and law school tutors.
    All you must do is choose the plan that best suits your needs, and then you can create your VLT account, give us a bit of information about the school of law you’re working with, and choose one of our payment methods.

    Once you sign up, you will get full access to all the resources you need for your legal research, which will complement the knowledge that the top law schools are already giving you.

    It doesn’t matter whether you need help with your criminal law, constitutional law, civil procedure, or any other class. Our law tutors will do everything in their power to help you understand everything you’re getting as information in class.

    Even though the sign-up process for our website is fast enough, we suggest you take your time to figure out which program is the right one for you. Remember that the better the plan, the more resources you’ll get to maximize your learning experience.

    What tutoring rates are appropriate for you?

    Currently, we have four different tutoring plans you can choose from. All of them will give you the research skills and tools you need to ace those final exams or simply to understand your classes better.

    Understanding your law subjects will help with a plethora of things besides your exams, such as your essay-writing skills. Tutored students, overall, will end up with a better approach to learning than the rest.

    Now, which plans are better for you? Let’s evaluate your options:

    If you are on the lookout for resources to complement your learning, then our “Monthly Law Tutor” plan will be excellent, as it gives you:

    • Instructional Resources
    • Virtual Flash Cards
    • Flow Charts
    • Practice Hypotheticals
    • Essay Exam Templates

    As opposed to other law school resources, we expanded to help our students succeed, which is why we make sure that everything you get with your plan is exactly what you need to sort out any concerns you may have with your classes.

    However, what if you want to take things even further? That’s where our private tutoring sessions come in.

    Our other three plans include everything the ‘basic’ plan offers, and on top of that, they offer tutoring sessions with a professional law school tutor. Depending on your needs, you can choose from:

    • Five hours of tutoring
    • 10 hours of tutoring
    • 15 hours of tutoring

    Moreover, if you need a personalized approach to your tutoring, you can talk to our team at [email protected] to learn more about all the options we have available. Keep in mind that we offer a $95/hour flat rate for everyone.

    Depending on your budget or needs, you may feel free to pay by the hour or choose one of our packages. We recommend you go for the latter, as these plans offer you discounts and a wide range of other tools you will appreciate in your legal studying journey.

    Moreover, if you’re studying to take the bar exam or the California First Year Law Students Exam, these resources will give you the upper hand.

    Is one-on-one tutoring better for a law student?

    In many cases, yes. Law school is known for being difficult in most of its branches. You must work on your reading, writing, and time management if you want to succeed in this world.

    Unfortunately, learning by yourself can sometimes get overwhelming, and that’s where tutors come in. Thanks to our tutoring services, you can find the best tutor for your needs who will help you get guidance to meet your goals.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your essay writing, legal research, or exam prep, a tutor will offer you more learning flexibility, which will allow you to understand those complex terms much faster.

    Is the Basic Plan for law school students good?

    Absolutely! Even though the basic plan doesn’t give students access to private law school tutors, it still gives them a plethora of tools that can aid them in their learning journey.

    $15/mo is certainly more affordable than the rates charged for a private law school tutor, so those on a budget can still get the help they need from Virtual Law Tutor without having to spend all their hard-earned money.

    If you sign up for the basic plan and want more later, you can switch and get access to our experienced and professional tutors.

    What benefits does a law student get upon signing up?

    The benefits you will get depend on the plan you choose. However, you will always get the following items, regardless of what you paid for:

    • Access to Flash Cards
    • Instructional Videos/Images/Articles
    • Skeleton Outlines and Flow Charts
    • Access to Exam Templates
    • Timed Practice Hypotheticals

    Will law tutors help students with their law school exams?

    Yes! Our tutoring sessions will be perfect for those looking to prepare for their bar exam or ‘baby bar.’ Thanks to the instructional resources, flow charts, exam templates, and timed practices, you will be as prepared as you can be to tackle those complex exams.

    Can legal students improve their legal writing analysis skills with this platform?

    Our students can use the resources offered at VLT to improve their writing analysis, which is one of the most important factors of any law school.