Inchoate Crimes (Attempt): Question 1

Inchoate Crimes (Attempt): Question 1

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Inchoate Crimes (Attempt): Question 1

Ted is angry with Bill for running off with his wife, Betty.  Ted decides to exact revenge on Bill and Betty by sending a bomb to their home through the mail, killing them.  The following events then occur:

a.  Ted hatches the plan, and writes out the steps necessary to carry it out.

b. Ted begins internet research on how to construct a bomb that can fit in a postal package.

c. Ted shops for and purchases the materials needed to construct the bomb.

d. Ted builds the bomb.

e. Ted places the bomb in a package, addressed to Bill and Betty, with the bomb set to go off upon the opening of the package.

f. Ted places the package in the mail.

g. Ted then gets cold feet about the plan, and goes to Bill and Betty's home to intercept the package before they are able to open it.

h. Ted arrives at Bill and Betty's house and sees the package sitting on the front doorstep.  He picks it up and is carrying it away, when Bill drives up to the driveway.  He asks Ted what he is doing.  Seeing that Ted is carrying a package addressed to Bill, he demands that Ted put the package down.

i. Seeing Bill brings back all of the old feelings of anger and resentment that caused Ted to hatch the plan in the first place.  Ted places the package down, walks away (out of Bill's sight), and hides so he can watch the outcome.

j. Bill opens the package.  Due to Ted's poor knowledge in how to trigger bombs, the bomb fails to detonate.

At what point in time has Ted committed attempted murder?